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Bro! What's a 'Vulfpeck?'

Karl D├Ânitz used the term Rudeltaktik to describe his strategy of submarine warfareÔÇöRudeltaktik translates best as "tactics" of a "pack" of animals and has become known in English as "wolfpack" (Wolfsrudel), a more accurate metaphoric, but not literal, translation.

Vulfpeck (Wolf-Pack) is a proven ISK goldmine doctrine, operating in wormhole space and utilizing wormhole effects to cause the violent deaths of innumerable Sleepers since YC116!


  • Engaging ISK generation! Take the grind out of PLEXing, POS Fueling, blinging your ride, buying Exotic Dancers, or whatever it is you do with your space money!
  • Successful fleets can expect to make 100-150mil ISK per hour, per pilot \o/
  • Newbro friendly fleets!
  • Connect with other pilots and make new EVE friends!
  • Continue to refine and expand upon the doctrine.
  • Exploiting wormhole effects is fun!

WTF, are you serious? Destroyers for the hardest PvE content in the game?

Absolutely! Vulfpeck takes advantage of the Wolf-Rayet environmental effect (+100% armor, +200% weapon damage, -50% signature size). Using an armor tanked destroyer with signature radius reduction bonus plus good range (looking at you Confessor!), and you get a ship with cruiser class tank, battleship class damage and shuttle class signature size.

You guys are geniuses!

Yes we are! But this aside, we actually shamelessly ripped off this concept. These fleets were originally conceptualized by Supreme Mathematics under the name of Piranhafleet, and then further experimented with by other groups including Signal Cartel. We've just further developed the doctrine from it being a fun and low skill group activity, into being a regular and lucrative ISK making endevour (without the requirement of living in WH space and covering POS fuel costs etc).