How Vulfpeck Works

The key to a successful, and profitable, Vulfpeck is being in the right place at the right time and that means being in a Wolf Rayet wormhole with lots of Sleeper sites. Wolf Rayet wormholes provide massive bonuses to small weapons damage and armor buffer. This transforms destroyers (more specifically, Confessors) into unstoppable combat beasts with a cruiser-class armor tank, battleship-class damage, and shuttle-class signature size!

Whilst the Confessor is massively boosted by the Wolf Rayet wormhole effect, alone the Confessors are still unable to combat the Sleeper menace in the more lucrative higher class wormholes. This is where the fleet's Logistics wing steps in to provide Remote Armor Repair and Capacitor Transfer, keeping the damage wing alive whilst also mitigating the Sleepers' energy nuetralizers. A Vulfpeck Logistics wing typically consists of 3 Logistics Cruisers: T1 Augorors, T2 Guardians or a mix of both.

Money is made by salvaging each site with a highly specialized salvaging ship. Extra money can be added to fleets by harvesting gas sites; provided there is good gas to be found.
Each site-running role (Combat and Logistics) have certain responsibilities to help ensure the fleet goes smoothly. While each FC may have slightly different protocols, many adhere to some basics that all pilots are expected to follow to keep everyone on the same page.

Operational Security is an important part of Vulfpeck. We have to try to minimize extraneous hotdrops as we already have to contend with the possibility of being found from other wormhole dwellers; and while minimal, it is always a possibility. Thusly, form-up locations are never divulged until 1 hour to half-an-hour before fleet time. This gives the majority of people time to get to the form-up location with plenty of time to spare.

Once the fleet is together, the FC will lead everyone to the entrance of the staging wormhole and from there will jump in and begin operations.

Comms are hosted through Discord.

Combat role ships are responsible for following the tags that the FC places on the Sleeper targets and killing Sleepers in that order. Just like any site, the triggers will call in the next wave and cannot be destroyed until last.
During combat, you will most likely be targeted at some point. You will need to broadcast that you need armor (this is explained during fleet formation) and, if possible, announce over comms that you are the target by using third person (Ex: target on Psianna).

Logistics need to be constantly vigilant for target changes and be ready to switch targets to begin repairing the next fleet member targeted by the sleepers or to announce their own ship being acquired as a target. While it sounds like an easy job, it can get messy, especially when fighting the Drifters at the end of a Sleeper Site.

A salvager will be following behind the fleet cleaning up the wreckage from each site to gather whatever it can to sell. The salvage will be sold by the FC and the money divvied out within a day or two of the completion of the fleet. Of course, it is an honor system, but don't worry, you will receive your ISK. Vulfpeck wouldn't still be operating if it was found out money was being stolen.
  • Step 1: Login with your main pilot
    Vulfpeck utilizes the secure Eve Online SSO login method. Simply choose the pilot you want to use on Vulfpeck fleets and you will be registered on the website.

  • Step 2: Signup for a Fleet
    There are several things to note on the Fleet Signup page:
    • Fleet Times are noted in Eve Time (24-hour) and Local time(12-hour). Local time is derived from the currently known location of your browser. If something seems in error, please contact Psianna Archeia.
    • Register for a fleet by clicking on the Register button in the Role header. Your character will be visible under that role as you see Psianna Archeia, however, you will see a red 'X' to remove yourself from the fleet, or a button to switch between Combat and Logistics roles. (Note: FC's can also remove you from the fleet)
    • Some fleets may have capped roles signups, meaning once the number of pilots signed up for a specific roles match the number assigned to that role, no one else can sign up.
    • Pay close attention to the assigned Ship Fittings that are acceptable for the fleet and be sure you can appropriately fly one.
    • There is also a comment section that can be used to discuss any fleet-related business.

  • Step 3: Adding additional pilots
    Sometimes flying with a different pilot than the original one you signed up with may be desirable. Or, maybe once you are more comfortable with Vulfpeck, you may want to fly a second pilot to help speed up the fleet and get a higher payout. The VP website easily supports switching between and the signing up of multiple of your own pilots but they will also need to be registered. But to know they all belong to you, the process for adding more pilots to your "roster" is a little different than your first login:

    First, click on Manage Account in your dropdown menu. (As you can see, this is also where you will see multiple pilots once you have assigned them to your main which will always be listed and highlighted at the top of the list and the currently selected pilot will have a green circle next to it.)

    Once you are on the Manage Your Account screen, you can follow the same process of logging in through the secure Eve Online SSO site, and once you are redirected to the Vulfpeck website, your new pilot will be accessible from your account menu. If you no longer want characters associated with your main any longer, just click the unlink text next to the name.

Website: For issues with the website or other communication-related matters, please contact Psianna Archeia.

Vulfpeck Doctrine: For more in-depth questions about fleet protocol or fitting doctrines, the following can be contacted: Captain Ace Rico, Psianna Archeia, Thomas Meagher, or Jec Cherante.